Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What would you do for a buck...

I am always fascinated by the things people do in life for a living. One of my favorite questions,
when I meet new people is to ask them what they do, I am not as interested in where they went
to school or where they grew up (usually that is answered after the first question).
But I enjoy people describing their current line of work, because it usually will let you know many things about the person. Recently, on my trip to Argentina looking for a gift, I was surprised to see a couple dancing Tango in a busy intersection of a busy street that's like an outside strip mall. These folks after a small break after dancing a few minutes and sweeting it out, they shared briefly about their passion to dance and they loved making a living by practicing their craft. After seeing them dance, you walked away seeing a perfect example of someone that not only loved what they where doing, but was willing to do it for a buck.

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