Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What would you do for a buck...

I am always fascinated by the things people do in life for a living. One of my favorite questions,
when I meet new people is to ask them what they do, I am not as interested in where they went
to school or where they grew up (usually that is answered after the first question).
But I enjoy people describing their current line of work, because it usually will let you know many things about the person. Recently, on my trip to Argentina looking for a gift, I was surprised to see a couple dancing Tango in a busy intersection of a busy street that's like an outside strip mall. These folks after a small break after dancing a few minutes and sweeting it out, they shared briefly about their passion to dance and they loved making a living by practicing their craft. After seeing them dance, you walked away seeing a perfect example of someone that not only loved what they where doing, but was willing to do it for a buck.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Every now and then...

As you get a little older you really start cherishing special moments more than while younger. I do not know that it's the case because you did not worry about time as much before, but you do come to appreciate those special moments that have a lasting impact on your life. Just recently, I was on a trip to Argentina and managed to snap a few pictures of our daily activities and put into a short video. We did manage to get away for a few hours on the last day and get a personal guided tour by my good friend, professional tour guide of Argentina and boss ;-) Dr. Andres Panasiuk. This was not only very educational, but brought into perspective many loose ends that I had about the history of the country.

It was a week of meetings, speaking engagements, then more meetings...but it was an overall excellent time of reflection on what God has been doing in Latina America specifically the country of Argentina for the last decade. I always say that "every now and then" it's good and see what it is that your work and efforts are doing, especially in the life of others. This was one of those moments to see what God had done in the lives of so many.

That's a question that we should always ask ourselves and be in our minds, as we inventory our purpose and destiny this side of eternity.