Friday, August 9, 2013

Visit to Port Canaveral

Approx. 80% of the world's population lives near the water. In this case, I am glad to be in the majority of the group. There is nothing like going outside to a warm sunny day, especially if you have experienced a bitter cold day in times past.

Today, I got to visit and meet some of the folks that manage the Port Authority. It's always great to meet new faces, and you appreciate their work and efforts which help the community. On the way out, I drove by the new construction site of the future PORT CANAVERAL Amphitheater. This building will be an incredible draw to the area, in addition to providing top class entertainment.

I hope next time you are in the Central Florida region, you will stop by and see the exciting things that are being developed in the area.

You just never know, what you might find on your visit here. Be sure to check blast-off dates, for even a possible experience, that will shake the ground where you stand.