Monday, February 15, 2010

It's a matter of perspective

We have enjoyed some surprisingly cold days here in our neck of the woods! Even last week I remember driving through the city without a trace or snow, yet all in our neighborhood there was a strong evidence of that white stuff on the ground. In talking from friends from other parts of the world, they tell me how hot it currently is where they are at these days and they wished it would cool down some.
That's funny, because when I hear that, I wonder if we would all just move in-between the warm places and where our friends in the north are battling one of the toughest winters in over 20 years!
Well after thinking about this whole "global warming" and how it seems to be tossed here and there to fit people's agenda. I think it not such a strange thing after all. These things that where written thousands of years ago in the Bible, that when you see these things happening know this was just the beginning. After these cold days up here, I think it would do us all good to spend a few minutes in enjoying some west coast beach weather in this short video that could literally change your life. I hope you will take the time, because if you are cold today it could be very warm come a few months from now, right where you stand. Then you will look back and see that it's really all a matter of perspective. Just STOP and THINK about it!