Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Caliente" a lady's car

I will be posting soon some info. about a local car show we are helping to put together, but I wanted to hear from you about this misunderstanding about "car nuts". Most of the commercials on TV are either directed at NASCAR fans, guys drinking beer with chics, but women are almost never shown as people who truly love their cars. A friend just recently sent me a video that you must see regarding this chic that I truly have to take off my hat to. Think about it, she calls her car "Caliente" which means "Hot" in Spanish, so you can imagine how passionate she must be about her car. Let me know if your relationship is as strong with yours.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Got Milk?

We all remember this ad, that had all these high profile people with a white mustache as if they had dipped their mouths in a glass of milk. It's funny that years later, people are still trying to come up with derivative ideas from the original concept.
Now a days you got from Got Money?, Got Debt?, Got Sex? to Got Horsepower? an the list is endless. I wonder why we would think that a great idea works with anything across the board, without considering the original context.
Living in the country let's you take a break once in a while and allows you to ponder on God's creation face to face, on real HD viewing. Sometimes you wonder what in the world are these animals thinking about our marketing campaigns and what we "truly know". The other day I managed to catch a small herd and was able to see the whole family, including the baby calve that was recently born.
It's really funny to see what an interesting life these animals live and how they resemble a family. How the father is leading the way to the pasture, for his family to follow. The young kids playing around and looking at strangers and not obeying their parents instructions. Well and the mom, yes the voice of the home.. protective of her small ones and not worried a bit to tell you what's on her mind ;-)

Friday, June 5, 2009

When things don't work out...

Sometimes you wonder why things don't work out? Well nestled in the a lush green scenario with all kinds of critters, which is my surroundings. This year we have had numerous bird life activities around, until recently. As you might expect, every animal has a rival looking out to see how they can take them out. Well recently, one morning we woke to find that the fruitful nest which was full of promising life had been invaded by a non-welcomed visitor. I was surprised that this snake (actually it does good around the yard to keep away rats from the area), was up in the bird house.

I wished this would have worked out better for the birds. Hopefully, they will
be back next year and have forgotten this incident and visit again the nest. I am sure we won't forget anytime soon.